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MINERITE COPPER 20g Capsules for Cattle


Each capsule contains 16.8g of Copper (as copper oxide).

Physical Information

A soluble gelatine capsule (USP) containing 20g of sustained release copper oxide rods (copper needles) which contains 86% +/- 5% elemental copper for oral administration.


MINERITE COPPER 20g Capsules for Cattle are indicated for the treatment and prevention of copper deficiency in cattle over 200kg bodyweight. The Minerite capsule is administered orally and dissolves in the rumen, releasing the copper oxide needles that lodge in the folds of the reticulum and abomasum. The copper oxide needles then slowly dissolve to release copper that is absorbed by the animal from the intestinal tract. The copper is stored in the liver and released gradually over time into the circulation.


  • Proven technology that is reliable and long lasting
  • Effective copper supplementation for 12 months
  • May be administered as required with Selenium pellets (bullets) and/or Cobalt pellets (bullets).
  • Trials with supplemented beef calves over a three-month period demonstrated a 20 kg live weight gain over untreated animals
  • In dairy cows over a 5.5-month period, treated animals gained an average of 27 kg more live weight than untreated animals.


  • Administered orally
  • Adult cattle over 200kg - 1 capsule per animal
  • Repeat in 12 months
  • Dose animals late winter or early spring unless copper supplementation is required immediately
  • Dose pregnant animals early in pregnancy to allow protection of the new born against copper deficiency
  • In Liver Fluke endemic areas, treat animals with a flukicide at least 3 weeks before using this copper supplement
  • The capsule must be administered using an applicator or balling gun that delivers the capsule directly into the gullet. The capsule must be swallowed by the animal to be effective.

Contraindications and Precautions

  • Do not use in animals less than 200kg bodyweight (12 months of age). For younger or lighter animals use MINERITE COPPER 10g Capsules for Calves and Adult Cattle
  • Do not administer this product to animals of unknown copper status or those treated with any other source of copper within the previous 12 months
  • Do not repeat the dose within 12 months
  • Do not use this product in association with Selenium supplementation unless deficiency of both minerals has been confirmed
  • Do not administer to animals suffering from any form of liver disease such as jaundice or liver fluke or to animals grazing plants containing toxic alkaloids e.g. Heliotrope, Ragwort, Paterson's Curse (Salvation Jane)
  • Seek Veterinary Advice to verify the Copper status of the animals before treatment.

Shelf life

3 years after manufacture.


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the original container in a dry place.

Pack sizes

50 x 20g capsules, 100 x 10g capsules.


MINERITE COPPER 20g Capsules for Cattle are registered as a veterinary medicine in Australia with APVMA.

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Copper Oxide Capsules for Cattle (10g)