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Copper oxide filled gelatine capsules


Gelatine capsule (USP) containing copper oxide wire form, containing 86% +/- 5% elemental copper.

Physical Information

A soluble gelatine capsule containing Copper oxide needles for oral administration. Capsules are available in clear, opaque or various colours (which may be subject to minimum order quantities). Pharmplex Copper oxide needles are a grey/black rod made from high purity (99.9%) copper wire. The needles are presented as a wire form with a uniform average length of 3mm - 4mm.


Pharmplex Copper oxide needles are used as a copper supplement to animals. The needles are packed into soluble gelatine capsules and administered orally. The capsules dissolve in the rumen, releasing the copper oxide needles that lodge in the folds of the reticulum and abomasum. The copper oxide needles then slowly dissolve to release copper that is absorbed by the animal from the intestinal tract, stored in the liver and released gradually over time into the circulation.


  • Proven technology that is reliable and long lasting
  • Effective copper supplementation for 12 months
  • May be administered together with Selenium and/or Cobalt pellets
  • Trials with supplemented beef calves over a three-month period demonstrated a 20 kg live weight gain over untreated animals
  • In dairy cows over a 5.5-month period, treated animals gained an average of 27 kg more live weight than untreated animals.


The dose of copper oxide is dependant on the species being treated and the local animal health practices. Pharmplex Copper oxide capsules are administered once per year.

  • Small ruminants (sheep and goats) 2g to 4g
  • Deer 10g to 20g, fawns 5g
  • Calves and small cattle 5g to 10g
  • Large cattle 20g to 30g.

Pack sizes

Copper oxide filled gelatine capsules are provided for final product presentation, depending on the target species of animal and jurisdiction. Capsules can be filled to the required weight of copper oxide. Common dosage weights include: 2g, 2.5g, 4g, 10g, 20g, 24g, 27g and 30g copper oxide.

Shelf life

Re-assay to determine compliance to specifications 3 years after manufacture.


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the original container in a dry place.


Bulk pack or to client's specification.


Copper oxide filled gelatine capsules are registered as a veterinary medicine in Australia with APVMA:

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