Pharmplex animal health - manufacturers of trace mineral supplements تقوم فارمابليكس بتصنيع و توريد المنتجات البيطريه و منتجات الصحة الحيوانيه ذات الجودة العاليه و المبتكره و الاقتصادية التكلفه الى مختلف انحاء العالم. تمتلك فارمابليكس مجموعه مختلفه من الاضافات المعدنية لمعالجة الأغنام و الماعز و الماشيه و الابل الباكاس و الغزلان.Pharmplex有一系列微量矿物补充剂治疗绵羊,山羊,牛,骆驼,羊驼和鹿。Pharmplex tiene una gama de huella de suplementos minerales para el tratamiento de las ovejas, las cabras, el ganado, los camellos, las alpacas y los venados. Suplementos del cobre, del selenio, del cobalt, sincronización del estro, CIDR, esponjas de intravaginal de acetato de fluorogestona.

FGA-30 Intravaginal Sponges for Sheep and Goats


Fluorogestone acetate (Flugestone acetate, Flurogestone acetate) 30mg, 40mg or 45mg per sponge.

Physical Information

FGA Vaginal Sponges are a polyurethane sponge impregnated with 30mg, 40mg or 45mg Fluorogestone acetate per sponge. Each sponge contains a drawstring to allow easy removal of the sponge.


FGA Vaginal Sponges are used for controlled breeding in sheep and goats to synchronise oestrus and ovulation. FGA Vaginal sponges will not cause barren animals to become fertile. Fluorogestone acetate is a potent progestogen, which will prolong the di-oestrus stage of the reproductive cycle allowing synchronization of the breeding cycle in a group of ewes. Following insertion of the FGA Vaginal sponge in the vagina, the sponge releases flugestone acetate, a progestogen which is absorbed and subjects the ewe to a progestational action comparable to the luteal phase of the sexual cycle. This artificially imposed progestational phase is ended by the removal of the sponge.

Injection with PMSG at the time of sponge removal, induces a simultaneous start of the follicular phase in the treated animals. Follicles then develop and synchronised oestrus and ovulation follow.

Dosage and Administration

Oestrus is likely to occur 36 hours to 48 hours following sponge removal and ovulation after a following 24 hours. Induction of oestrus is enhanced following the use of PMSG 2 days before or at the time of sponge removal.

Insert the sponge by using the applicator. Disinfect the applicator in either a 10% benzalkonium chloride solution or 5g/L chlorhexidine gluconate solution. Do not immerse the sponge in disinfectant. Using a gloved hand insert the sponge into the end of the applicator so that the sponge is just behind the end of the applicator tube, leave the string hanging free. Insert the applicator 10cm to 15 cm into the vagina and gently eject the sponge by pushing the applicator plunger. Remove the applicator so that the drawstring is hanging outside the vagina. Wipe the applicator clean and re-immerse in disinfectant after each use.

Sponge removal - gently pull on the string to remove the sponge. Some discharge may occur which is normal. If no string is visible carefully examine the vagina to locate the string and remove the sponge.


Animal FGA dose Duration of insertion (days) PMSG (i/m or s/c dose) dose/timing
Sexual Season
Dry Ewe 40mg 14 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Lactating Ewe 30mg 12 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Maiden Ewe 40mg* 14 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Doe 45mg* 17-21 400iu At sponge removal
Anoestrus Season
Dry Ewe 30mg 12 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Lactating Ewe 30mg 12 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Maiden Ewe 40mg* 14 400iu-600iu At sponge removal
Doe 45mg* 17-21 600iu 2 days before sponge removal

*For 30mg dose use FGA-30 Vaginal sponge containing 30mg Flugestone acetate per sponge.

*For 40mg use FGA-40 Vaginal sponge containing 40mg Flugestone acetate per sponge.

*For 45mg use FGA-45 Vaginal sponge containing 45mg Flugestone acetate per sponge.


  • Does - Mate or AI 36 to 48 hrs after sponge removal. If AI is used preferably administer a double dose of semen.
  • Sheep - Mate at 48 hrs and 60 hours after sponge removal, or AI 55 hours (48hrs to 60 hrs) after sponge removal. Preferably increase the number of rams in the flock to at least 1 ram per 10 ewes. Where teaser rams are used, inseminate any unmarked ewes at 72 hours after sponge removal.
  • Do not use alcohols, cresols, phenols or sheep dips as disinfectants on the sponges or applicator.
  • Goats may resent sponge insertion, take care and insert the sponge gently to avoid the doe moving suddenly and injuring herself.
  • If the sponge appears to have adhered to the vaginal wall, carefully reinsert the applicator and remove the sponge by exerting tension on the sponge through the applicator.
  • To avoid animals eating the sponges, burn or bury sponges once removed from the animal.

Withholding Period (Australia)

Milk taken from animals during sponge insertion and within 14 days after removal MUST NOT BE used for human consumption.

Sheep MUST NOT BE slaughtered for human consumption within 14 days after removal of the sponge.

Pack sizes

Bulk pack of 1000 sponges per bag for repacking.
Plastic bag containing 25 sponges.

Shelf life

2 years after manufacture.


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the original container in a dry place.

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Flurogestone Acetate Impregnated Sponges for Estrus Regulation in Sheep and Goats